foolmeee said: :( did you leave tumblr?

We have a new tumblr :D Which is very different from this one, but still has little bits of fangirl business on it. We mainly use tumblr for inspiration for our work and things now. We follow you still, of course! Our url’s ‘keribumoon’ . It’s nice to know people noticed us going :’). We miss this blog sometimes, the image gathering and gif photoshopping.. 

Anonymous said: who do you like more, your opinion. Arashi or shinee? (:

It has to be Arashi, we love them both for different reasons but Arashi wins by far. Their strong personalities and love for each other (along with their tv shows) is what makes us prefer them, we’re not saying SHINee doesn’t have this, it’s just Arashi has it in bucket-loads. We’re not big fans of Arashi’s music, and actually prefer SHINee in that respect, but since it’s not really about their music for us, overall Arashi still wins :D